The development of the Eco Wave Power technology began at the Institute of Hydromechanics in Kiev in 2011, with wave tank testing. In December 2011, Eco Wave Power concluded its wave tank testing and received a protocol from the Hydro Mechanic Institute, which stated as follows:

“All the floaters of Eco Wave Power Company have proved their workability… According to the results of the tests, we have reached a decision to recommend continuing the development of the energy generation system that is based on such principles and enlarge the model to larger sizes.”

In April 2012, Eco Wave Power installed the company’s first real conditions power plant on two breakwaters in the Black Sea for the purpose of data collection and stress testing of its unique technology. The Black Sea was chosen to conduct the system’s initial real-condition installation, because it is known for its sudden storms (this is how it got its name), and it was important for EWP to test its technology in severely stormy conditions to prove that its power stations could withstand such storms.

The power plant had combined two different floater shapes; the Wave Clapper and the Power Wing.  The system operated in different wave regimes for a significant period of time, and then was shipped to Israel and installed in Jaffa Port, where it is operational until today.

The company nowadays operates several projects and has an extensive projects pipe line, to be gradually executed. Please find further information in the Projects Tab of our site.