This project involves the installation and operation of a 100-kW installed capacity station at the Jaffa Port in Israel through a Joint Venture Agreement with EDF Renewables IL, a subsidiary of the French multinational electric utility company Électricité de France S.A. Eco Wave Power also received co-funding from the Israeli Ministry of Energy, which recognized the technology as a “pioneering technology.” Pioneering technology recognition is a designation granted by the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Energy.

In August 2022, the Israeli Electric Authority set an official Feed-In Tariff, or FIT, for the newly installed wave energy pilot project at the Jaffa Port. With the FIT in place, the Israeli Electric Authority commenced operations to officially connect the EWP-EDF One project to Israel’s energy grid.

As of August 15th, 2023, the station was officially connected to Israel’s national electrical grid – making it the first wave energy project to deliver electricity to the country’s power supply. The EWP EDF One project is currently subject to constant R&D development and continuous calibration. The successful performative improvements gained to date are to be deployed in our first commercial-scale project in Portugal.