In Jaffa Port, Israel, Eco Wave Power operates an off-grid pilot power station for system improvement and modification and R&D. The station allows for the testing of new system components and floater designs & materials, with an eye towards continuously improving the EWP wave energy technology and maintaining EWP’s leading market position.

The pilot station has been operating in Jaffa Port since 2014 and since its inception has been producing clean wave energy generated electricity for testing and study.

Location of the Jaffa Port wave energy power station

For more than three millennia, Jaffa Port was a bustling centre of trade and commerce. Today, the port is a prominent recreational area boasting restaurants, art galleries, and souvenir shops. Eco Wave Power’s power station is cemented to the sea wall surrounding the port.

Project development

In September 2015, the Jaffa Port station was recognized as a “Pioneering Technology” by the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources- Dr. Bracha Halaf. In October 2018, Eco Wave Power was awarded a grant by the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources for the expansion of the pilot station to 100KW and its connection to the national Israeli electrical grid. The expanded station, will be the first wave energy power station in the history of the state of Israel to successfully connect to the electrical grid.

Eco Wave Power is undertaking the expansion of the project in partnership with Electricite De France (EDF), with whom EWP has signed a Joint Venture agreement in May, 2019.