Senior management

As of today, the Chief Executive Office (“CEO”) Inna Braverman and the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) Aharon Yehuda constitute the senior management of Eco Wave Power.

Below is further information on the senior managements’ age, posi­tion, current assignments, prior assignments during the past five years, other relevant experience and ownership of shares and share related instruments in Eco Wave Power. Assignments in subsidiaries within the Group have been excluded.

Inna Braverman

(CEO since 2019)

Information on Inna Braverman can be found in the section on the Board of Directors.

Aharon Yehuda

(CFO since 2020)

Born: 1962
Position: Chief Financial Officer of the Company.
Education: B.A. in Economics and Accounting and M.B.A. from Tel-Aviv University in Israel.
Other assignments and relevant experience: Mr. Yehuda has over 20 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer of Turbochrome Ltd. (formerly Chromalloy Israel Ltd.) a company that operates in the aviation industry, and has an additional decade of experience providing advisory, initial public offering and audit services to public and private companies in Israel.
Holdings in Eco Wave Power: 0.