Between 2016 and March 2022, Eco Wave Power operated a grid-connected proof-of-concept wave energy array in Gibraltar, as part of a 5 MW Power Purchase Agreement that EWP signed with the Government of Gibraltar and Gibraltar’s National Electric Company, GibElectric. Eco Wave Power accumulated almost six years of operational experience.

According to the agreement between Eco Wave Power and the Government of Gibraltar, the array was built and originally supposed to operate for only two years, to prove that wave energy can safely connect to the grid and withstand the Gibraltar storms, using its storm-protection mechanism. However, the company decided to keep the station operational for a longer time, as it was used as a real-conditions research and development facility for the company.

Eco Wave Power reached OPEX of 3.2% of the CAPEX and 73% of the forecasted electricity for the site in the last year of operation. Maintenance knowledge was gained from a maintenance program that was developed and validated. The findings from the installation of the Gibraltar project and upgrades program were used to design the Jaffa station in Israel. This includes an advanced automation system multiplicator, a simplified conversion unit, more sensors, and data collection.