Environmental Impact

Visual Impact – Usually when we think about onshore ocean power technologies, aesthetics problems come to mind. The common belief is that onshore systems of any significant size will use miles of coastline and involve massive structures to channel waves and convert ocean energy into electricity.

As opposed to such belief, Eco Wave Power’s floaters will be located on unused piers, breakwaters and other coastal structures, as well as in rough, storm-prone coastal areas, not on prime beachfront real estate.

The floaters will be barely visible, and will be mostly hidden under water due to the wave action. Eco Wave Power is putting an emphasis on the design of the floaters, and their colors, to enable our floaters to blend into the seascape.

Offshore installations have a different kind of problem. If we expect to harvest significant amounts of energy from off shore waves, we can expect to see thousands of them bobbing around within eyesight of shore.

There are some systems being tested that are underwater and out of sight. But time will tell whether or not they can stay that way. If they are shallow enough such that they are navigation hazards, they will have to have marker buoys – lots of marker buoys.

There are other, deep water systems that actually work more efficiently than those closer to shore. But efficiency gains on these systems is given up to power losses through long distances of expensive underwater transmission lines that have to be ran to bring the power to shore. So they may not prove to be competitive in the energy marketplace.

Beyond any visual impact we must be aware of the fact that storms will cause ocean wave generators to occasionally dislodge from their anchors and become serious navigation hazards. As opposed, Eco Wave Power’s generators and all technical equipment are located on land, just like a regular power station. This prevents the occasionally dislodges from anchors and any further navigation difficulties.

Corrosion – Due to our experience in the Sea Wave Energy field, EWP’s anti-corrosion protecting process includes: optimum application of protective coatings and an advanced cathodic protection. As a result, protection of metal constructions can be provided up to 30 years and more, until their complete overhaul is needed.

Pollutants – one of the opinions against wave energy companies is that they use volumes of hydraulic fluids, which may cause a leak of hydro fluid to the ocean. In order to prevent such case, EWP uses hydraulic fluid that is biodegradable in the marine environment, and therefore is not harmful to it.

Shoreline Erosion – Coastal erosion is the wearing a way of land and the removal of beach or dune sediments by wave action, tidal currents or wave currents. EWP’s systems, that operate as wave energy absorbers may reduce shoreline and breakwaters erosion and extend their life-span significantly.

Other benefits – Our system is Aesthetically pleasing, does not have any noise pollution, does not generate solid waste or wastewater, does not have any gaseous emissions and is totally clean and pollution free.



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