Possible Layouts

In-line arrangement – is used preferentially in those areas where average annual wave amplitude is of stable character.

Placement of small floats behind large ones – is used for those areas where sudden changes in wave height are observed. At operation at mean wave heights, both floats are enabled. At large wave heights, the small float is removed from the working area so that only the large one is in operation.

The staggering of floats – is used for those areas where high wave amplitudes are observed; the waves rolling across the first row of floats create necessary power also on the second row.

Float inside Float – is used in order to increase power picked up from the floater. It is proposed to place an additional pumping hydro-cylinder in the floater’s case. Placement and combination of constituent positions will reduce loads on fastenings to the pier, i.e. their wear and fault probability, thanks to the fact that the additional hydro-cylinder takes away a considerable part of the energy from the mobile floater.

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