Operation and Maintenance

One of EWP’s main advantages is the fact that its’ relative proximity to the shore enables an easy access to the floaters, which is essential for low-cost and effective maintenance process of the floaters.

Some of our competitors choose to place their floaters in the middle of the ocean, and therefore are not capable of providing service to the floaters while of site, and have the necessity to bring all their equipment to a suitable maintenance facility. As opposed, EWP puts an emphasis on the development of a maintenance strategy, which will enable servicing the floaters on site.

EWP has developed proprietary systems for quickly installing and removing our floaters from the sea, by means of lifting the floaters over the water surface level and/or “rolling” the floater’s outside of water. Such systems assist to our “on-site maintenance” strategy.

As to our system’s operation, EWP’s proprietary sea wave power system, is installed with a full-automatic system, that is able to control and monitor the sea wave power plant remotely and can be conducted from anywhere in the world.

Such system efficiently diagnoses fault detection and handling, and is built to avoid structural loads, mechanical injuries and other difficulties. The system is continuously recording the necessary information to efficiently inform the inspection regime. Moreover, wave height levels are also monitored online, and both normal operating and protection systems can be automatically tested at regular intervals.

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