The installation process of EWP’s technology is fast, simple and reliable. EWP’s innovative and advanced methods enable easy connection to different types of ocean structures such as (but not limited to): breakwaters, piers, Jetties and floating and fixed platforms.

Prior to the installation and grid connection, our expert engineers and sub-contractors will prepare an in-depth examination and analysis of the proposed site, and will make sure that the site is prepared to effectively receive our power station.

As opposed to some of our competitors, that choose to place their floaters in the middle of the ocean, and therefore have the need to provide and install project boundary markers in order to delineate the area to be avoided by marine traffic, EWP’s chosen areas will not have the risk of endangering any marine traffic, due to the fact that ocean vessels are always avoiding proximity to ocean structures such as breakwaters.

The EWP’s system proximity to the shore provides flexibility in the programming of the work and the ability to minimize installation costs.

EWP conducts all the engineering works necessary for the wave farm construction and installation, and we are always open for cooperation with worldwide engineering companies that might be interested in working as EWP’s sub-contractors, for further information, please contact us.

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