Global Resources

The earth’s oceans are its circulatory system, transporting physical and thermal energy, moderating temperatures, CO2 levels and most importantly providing a habitable planet and thus comfort for life. While wind energy currently dominates the Renewable energy industry, marine energy also holds huge potential. Water density is approximately 1000 times greater than that of air, relatively providing much higher energy flux densities, and enabling high energy extraction from smaller devices. It is clean and sustainable.

Wave Energy is created as a result of weather variations in heat and pressure, generating winds blowing across a great fetch impinging on the oceans below. Waves can gather and transfer large amounts of energy extremely efficiently (Glynn, 2006:5) 4

The map below shows that there are many high wave energy sites located close to high population densities, and the figures represent kilowatts per meter of wave front. The Wave Clapper and Power Wing wave-energy-systems are optimized to generate maximal amounts of energy from all such suitable sites.

Approximate Global Distribution of Wave Power Levels


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Energy Capture”
, University of Strathclyde, 2006, page 5



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