Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a fully operational commercial power station in Gibraltar that will expand to 5 MW in accordance with a signed PPA between EWP, the Government of Gibraltar, and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority. We also have a 10 KW pilot project installed and operational in Jaffa Port. It operated for over a year in the Black Sea, and has now been operational in Israel for more than two years. Our system is modular, and therefore it can easily provide a station at any required size.

Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner, and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices. The EWP convertors draw energy from wave power through uniquely shaped floaters that rise and fall with the up and down motion, lifting force, change of water level, hydraulic air lock, and incident flux of waves. The uniqueness of our technology is that it is cost-efficient and 100% environmentally friendly

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