Development Pathway

Eco Wave Power is committed to producing the world’s leading wave energy device. That is why we have been continuously conducting research in order to develop the most effective, unique, and innovative wave energy power station.

Eco Wave Power was established in March 2011 by David Leb and Inna Braverman.

EWP’s research began at the Hydro-Mechanic Institute in Kiev, where a handful of designs were originally tested in a test pool. The research was concluded by December 2011, and several designs were selected for real conditions testing in the Black Sea.

ByApril 2012, EWP installed its first real conditions power plant (10KW) on 2 breakwaters in the Black Sea and collected data for power matrix. EWP devices performed above expectation on the often-harsh conditions of the Black Sea, and EWP research continued as its working designs were transferred to Jaffa Port (Israel), where they have been operational since 2014. The Jaffa Port site is now the permanent research and development site. Currently, the company’s engineers are devising new designs that will further increase efficiency.

In June 2014, the company signed its first 5MW Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Government of Gibraltar for a 5MW commercial scale grid-connected station, which will provide up to 15%of Gibraltar’s electricity needs.

In September 2015, EWP received recognition as Pioneering Technology from the Israeli Chief Scientist, Dr. Bracha Halaf (Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources).

In November of 2015, EWP announced EU funding for its power station in Gibraltar.

In 2016, EWP officially launched the first phase of its Gibraltar power station.

Now, EWP is holding projects pipe-line of more than 111MW which will be executed in the nearest future.

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