Community Engagement

Eco Wave Power maintains close productive ties with foreign and domestic communities with a wide variety of interests in order to promote our technology and environmental awareness.

Our community engagement activities include:

  • Local presentation events at various colleges and universities including, among others, IDC, Ruppin Academic Center, the Afeka Academic College of Engineering and others.
  • Providing multimedia presentations including TEDx, Green Port Congress, Blue Energy Workshop, Energy Harvesting and Storage Conference, Watech, Marine Energy Technical Conference, International Conference on Ocean Energy, Asian Wave and Tidal conference and many more.
  • Participation in policy making for wave energy; including being an active representative of the State of Israel in the IEC yearly gatherings (International Electrotechnical Commission) meant for setting working industry standards for the global wave energy field. In addition, participant in the renewable energy summit that takes place in the Israeli Parliament. Moreover, EWP paves the way for wave energy in Israel by the recognition it received from the Israeli Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Energy and Resources as a Pioneering Technology. Such recognition is meant to achieve feed in tariff and grid connection for wave energy, for the first time in the history of Israel.
  • Hosting of foreign students to our company including ESMT Business School (Berlin), where Eco Wave Power hosted business graduate students at our office and discussed the great potential of wave energy and how Eco Wave Power is using technology to minimize carbon emissions. Additionally, we host multiple tours to our power station in Jaffa Port and in Gibraltar.
  • Providing internship experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students (from TAMID, MASA, Israel Way and others) meant to assist them in understanding the business development and engineering aspect of wave energy.
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