David Leb

David Leb, resident of Panama City,Panama.

His attentiveness in the oceanic energy field was awakened after the purchase and renovation of a Panamanian surf camp by the name of Rancho Estero. Rancho Estero is situated in Santa Catalina and overlooks the idyllic Pacific Ocean.

One day, whilst sitting on the beach of Rancho Estero, David watched multiple surfers utilizing the power of the waves to their advantage. David quick to thought, realised there could be a fair possibility to use wave energy in other forms in order to benefit humanity.

Panama, known for its small-scale population as well as its generous rivers has been the source of ever increasing electrical power supply to Central America. Due to the surge of real estate development in Panama, and rapid growth rates of Nicaragua as well as Costa Rica, shortages of electricity have suddenly occurred. The result is a significant reduction in the quality of life of these nations.

Recognizing this, David advanced to research the wave energy field, sacrificing days and nights observing information along with stimulating new ideas in online Data bases. Additionally to this David had extensive conversations with the local Panamanian fishermen , including the surfers. The regional people all laid claim to the fact Panama aswell as other regions across the world, are capable of producing adequate, inexpensive and furthermore zero emission energy from natural oceanic waves.

Eventually, David Leb attained the following conclusion : The Oceanic energy field has vast ecological, social and economical potential. He thought to himself, ‘Can this be the answer to power shortages and high pollution levels caused by high emission energy production methods?

David Leb has on this note founded Eco Wave Power Company, and affirms the possibilities of granting nations worldwide with leading-edge, respectable and cost-efficient methods for obtaining energy from waves.

Since the Establishment of Eco Wave Power, Mr. David Leb was invited to conduct lectures about EWP’s unique technology worldwide:

* May, 2012: “Energy Harvesting and Storage Conference”, Berlin, Germany.

* June, 2012: “Blue Energy Workshop”, Ramsgate, England.

* September, 2012: “Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Awards”, London, England.

* October, 2012: “Fourth Annual Marine Energy Technical Conference”, Rhode Island, US.

* October, 2012: “Fourth International Conference on Ocean Energy”, Dublin, Ireland.

* November, 2012: “Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference”, Jeju Island, Korea.

David Leb’s involvement in other fields, has directed him to his own patent system of advertising on exposed areas on the human body such as the upper back and the shoulder sections. The patents act in the same manner as henna tattoo; however, they are smudge-proof and perspiration-resistant.

The patents are washable tattoos which are devised for athletes, for example, swimmers, boxers and many other sporting athletes. The earliest patent advertisement appeared on the upper back of the boxer Felix Trinidad in his match against Bernard Hopkins dating back to the year, 2001.

David Leb also shares a patent for is an online system which allows the customer to employ in Trivia based games, multi-player competitions/tournaments or single player challenges. David with his partner formulated a structure that will allow a party to connect and communicate with one and all, before the coming appearance of a question. At this point, communication is blocked; one winner is decided, the player who answered all questions accurately and correct.

Mr. Leb is associated with worldwide holdings in multitudinous companies, alongside, involved in real estate. Mr. Leb is still however in touch with the marketing field, which holds his most acclaimed achievements. David has ministered as an online marketing consultant, whilst creating campaigns and commercials for global international companies. David believes that the time has come to pursue the eco-energy field. His invitation to join him in his pursuit is extended to you.


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions” Albert Einstein (1879-1955)



Inna BravermanInna Braverman was born in Ukraine and is currently resident of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

She holds a BA in political science and English language and literature from the University of Haifa.

Ms. Braverman developed her desire for the green energy field at her early twenties, when she started to work for a renewable energy company, as International Marketing Manager.

There, for the first time, her charisma and natural talent for business and marketing was noticed.

Inna’s enthusiasm to the field grew as it became evident that no wave energy company in the world, to date, was able to develop a commercially viable technology. She was intrigued by the ongoing “race” between the companies for being the first ones to harness cost-efficient wave energy. Therefore, she joined Eco Wave Power, which holds the best available wave energy technology.

David Ben Gurion said that: “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles”.

With her young spirit and strong ambitions Inna is an integral part of Eco Wave Power Ltd serving in the position of the International Marketing Director of the company. Her contribution in shaping the business strategy of EWP has assisted in its fast promotion and recognition.

Among other things, Ms. Braverman is responsible for the recently signed MOU with The Ocean University of China, as well as other significant agreements.


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