A Word from the CEO

Some of you know how personal Eco Wave Power is for me. I was born in Ukraine and 2 weeks after I was born the Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded, causing the largest in history nuclear disaster. I suffered from the negative impact of the polluted air and had a respiratory arrest.

Luckily, my mom , a nurse, gave me mouth to mouth resuscitation which saved my life.  I was a lucky baby, but other children and adults were not as lucky as I was.

Some of you may also know that the Soviet Union decided to hide the explosion, and by doing so risked many lives.

But do you know who is the first country that notified the world of the disaster?

It was Sweden and you should be very proud for that !

Thank you for your help for the world in the past with the Chernobyl accident, and thank you for what you are trying to do now with your determination in the promotion of renewable energy. Both actions are saving many lives!

I hope that Eco Wave Power’s journey will inspire and trigger some clear actions, that will spread beyond Sweden and Israel, among which: the promotion of clean energy , support for innovative ideas, easy and clear regulatory framework for renewables, which will lead to a better future for our children.

I don’t have my own children yet; I am kind of married to Eco Wave Power and my children are the power stations.

I am passionate and committed to doing my absolutely best for the success of the company.

When I do have my own family, maybe one day we will stand together and look at the power stations and they would say “mommy contributed to changing the world”.

Maybe your children will say it to you too, for supporting a better world for them.

I think that even in this early steps of our company, we have contributed significantly towards creating awareness to this amazing sector, contributing to the development of the regulatory and legislative frameworks to accept and adopt wave energy and contributing to the scientific research of the wave energy field. EWP made significant steps which will assist future companies in entering into this high potential market.

Wave energy alone can produce twice the amount of electricity that the world produces now. So, it is definitely worth your attention!

Eco Wave Power is pioneering in the wave energy field, and many times being the first is not easy, but I always say that passion is the greatest renewable energy source. It is.

I was 24 when I established Eco Wave Power, and I had a naive outlook that maybe, just maybe, I could accomplish this without money, without contacts & probably even without the necessary experience. Today, I am 33 years old and I gained the experience. Now I hope you (the shareholders, my team and the investors) will assist us with our mission, which is bigger than just developing a product. Our mission is changing the world! And yes, I need you to help me. I cannot stand alone.

The last thing I would like to say is a simple thank you. Thank you to the investors and shareholders that believe in us, the co founder of EWP David Leb, thank you to our partners and suppliers, thank you to the different governments which are supporting us & especially the Government of Gibraltar and Israel.

We really hope to make you all proud.

Warm Regards

Inna Braverman

Founder and CEO, Eco Wave Power

Photo is taken from
WIRED Magazine